Province Introduces New SAFE Work on Wheels Mobile Unit

WINNIPEG – Sept 26, 2014:  The new SAFE Work on Wheels mobile unit was launched today, to help drive safety and health awareness at Manitoba workplaces.

SAFE Work on Wheels features four safety demonstrations that apply to a large number of industry sectors including construction and manufacturing. The demonstrations include:

 Eye Protection – see the outcome of shooting a nail gun at safety glasses versus non-safety glasses

 Fall Protection – view the impact on a falling person when not using shock absorbing protective equipment

 Lifting – watch the new SAFE Work robot demonstrate the difference on the body when using legs to lift instead of the back.

 Hand Safety – experience a cutting edge hand safety demonstration.

The mobile safety unit – an initiative of SAFE Work Manitoba and a part of Manitoba’s Five-Year Plan for Workplace Injury and Illness Prevention – will educate workers and employers about the importance of workplace safety. Read more.


Annual Campaign Reminds Drivers to Be Aware of Workers on Our Roadways

May 15, 2014:  The annual SAFE Roads campaign, a joint initiative to raise awareness of the safety of workers on Manitoba’s roads, kicked off today. The campaign is targeted at motorists across the province, reminding them to slow down when driving past road construction projects and when sharing the road with emergency workers such as firefighters, hydro w orkers, paramedics and police officers.

The infrastructure renewal on local Winnipeg streets this year means another busy construction season is upon us, and means more workers on our roadways throughout the summer months.

The SAFE Roads media event kicked off at Ness Avenue and Berry Street, which has been under construction for many months and is nearing completion.  A media event was also held in Brandon.

“We are becoming increasingly aware that workplaces come in many forms – and our roads are workplaces for many Manitobans,” says Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation Steve Ashton. “The SAFE Roads campaign is not only an important workplace injury prevention and awareness initiative, it’s a means to help workers feel safe while they are on the job.”

The SAFE Roads campaign includes billboard and transit bus ads to encourage speeding motorists to slow down and raise awareness of Manitoba’s roads as a workplace. The ads feature the message “This is my workplace. Slow down.”

Read full news release.

Winners of SAFE Work Awards Announced

May 8, 2014:  The second annual SAFE Work Awards were presented today, recognizing employers and workers who have demonstrated success or innovation in making their workplaces safer.

Now coordinated by SAFE Work Manitoba, the SAFE Work Awards program was developed by Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) and the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) to recognize individuals and groups who demonstrate ongoing commitment to making our workplaces and province safer and healthier.

“Every worker has a right to a safe and healthy workplace,” said Minister of Labour and Immigration, Erna Braun. “Our goal is to make Manitoba a national safety leader and I am pleased to recognize individuals and workplaces that prioritize genuine and innovative efforts to improve workplace safety and health in our province.”

Today, awards were presented to four individuals or organizations in recognition of their role in making workplaces safer. The winners included:

  • Tolko Manitoba Kraft Papers – Employer Safety Award
  • Cindy Strath, Supervisor, Granny’s Poultry – Worker Safety Award
  • Andre Murphy, Manager, Tolko Manitoba Kraft Papers – Safety and Health Professional Award
  • SAFE Workers of Tomorrow – Safety Group Award

Read full news release.

Province to Introduce Workers Compensation Amendments that would Protect Workers, Improve Injury Prevention

April 28, 2014:  Labour and Immigration Minister Erna Braun will introduce changes today that would better protect the rights of workers injured on the job, increase fines and penalties for offences under the Workers Compensation Act and consolidate workplace injury and illness prevention services to better serve the public.

The minister also announced today new measures to support safe workplaces including a new mobile unit with new high-visibility vehicle markings for workplace health and safety officers, a new serious injury support worker position in the Worker Advisor Office, and Manitoba’s first annual leadership conference for safety and health committees.

Read more.


Mindful Workplaces Leading the Way

WINNIPEG, MB (March 12, 2014). Over the last several years interest and knowledge regarding

psychologically healthy workplaces has grown as Canadians begin to recognize the huge cost

of mental health issues in the workplace. In fact, the Mental Health Commission of Canada

has found that of the total economic burden caused by mental illness in Canada—about $51

billion per year—a staggering $20 billion stems from workplace losses.


“We need to work together to make our workplaces healthier and stronger,” shares Nicole

Chammartin, Executive Director of CMHA Winnipeg Region. CMHA Winnipeg offers many

courses and tools to support workplaces wanting to develop their organizational health,

including popular choices like the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program.


Since starting to offer MBSR in Winnipeg in 2008 CMHA Winnipeg has trained hundreds of individuals

and gone on to develop a skilled core network of teachers. In addition, there are now

several workplaces and partners that offer MBSR regularly to their employees and/or clients.

One successful collaboration that stands out for Chammartin is the partnership with the MFL

Occupational Health Centre (OHC), who began offering MBSR to their clients, partners, and

employees in 2010. OHC is a community health centre funded by Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

OHC helps workers, employers, and health and safety committees to improve workplace

health and safety conditions and eliminate hazards.



“In today’s workplace, many workers are dealing with a great deal of stress” reports Karen

Hamilton, Health Educator at OHC. “MBSR is an important strategy that can assist workers

to respond to stress in healthier ways. At OHC we also understand that creating healthy workplaces

is necessary for the health of workers. MBSR has inspired us to learn more about how

organizations can become mindful and support employees to bring mindfulness into their work

lives.” Mindfulness in the workplace can help reduce workplace conflict, enhance teamwork

and improve decision-making. It is beneficial for both employers and employees.


Read the full news release here: Mindful Workplaces Promote Org Health-1




New WCB Initiatives Enhance Fairness

The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba (WCB) has announced a number of new initiatives that will enhance the fairness of WCB’s experience rating system for workers and employers.  These initiatives are part of a response to a report released earlier this year by Paul Petrie, an external consultant to WCB.  New initiatives will include:

A New Compliance Unit – to inveetigate allegations of claim suppression.

Assessment Rate Model Changes – establishing an Advisory Group from labour and employers to review proposed changes to the rate model.

Serious Injury Support Worker position – created at the Worker Advisor Office

Return to Work Review – a review of customer service and return to work in Case Management at WCB.

Claims Reporting Campaign – a two month public awareness campaign to encourage workers and employers to report injuries to WCB.

Outreach to Vulnerable Workers – brochures, stickers, posters and video in 22 different languages as well as material and a video for use in English as an Additional Language classrooms.

To read more about these new initiatives download WCB’s News Release News release – Enhance Fairness for Workers and Employers.



Health & Safety Resources now available in many languages

SAFE Work Manitoba’s website now offers resources in a variety of languages on their website.

Check it out at

Two New Health & Safety Videos for Newcomer Workers

Two new videos in English are now available to assist newcomer workers with workplace health and safety issues.

The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba has produced a video to help newcomers understand workers compensation and the importance of reporting injuries.  The video is availalbe to view at their website: DVDs are also available.

Manitoba Immigration & Multiculturalism has produced a video about Workers Health and Safety Rights aimed at newcomers. View the video or download it at



OHC 30th Anniversary – Reception and Fundraiser

Celebrating 30 Years of Service to Manitoba Workers and Workplaces

November 13, 2013

5:00 pm- 7:30 pm

Terrace Room, Radisson Hotel

288 Portage Ave.

Join us to celebrate our past achievements, our current successes, and plans for the future!

$100/person (portion is tax receiptable).  Hors d’oeuvres will be served.

To purchase tickets call Mona at 204-949-0811 or Sonia at 204-926-7900.





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April 29th Free Public Presentation- Expert Eye: Vision and the Aging Worker

Apr 29, 2021 | 10:00 am - 11:00 am

OHC offers a free virtual public presentation

Expert Eye: Vision and the Aging Worker

Presented by: Marnie Courage, O.T. Reg. (MB)
CEO and Inclusion Specialist
Enabling Access Inc.

This webinar will:

  • Understand the aging demographics and age-related changes related to vision
  • Become familiar with common age-related vision loss conditions
  • Understand impact on worker’s performance, safety and psychological health
  • Discuss environmental considerations for injury prevention related to vision loss
  • Become familiar with administrative, engineering and behavioural accommodations to support employees experiencing vision loss.

Registration required, please register here: REGISTER

 The session time is on Manitoba time (CST) from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.

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