Workplace Stress

Manitoba Workplaces Making It Work

Workplace stress is one of the greatest health risks in today’s workplace. Learn about the healthy practices embraced by five Manitoba workplaces  to reduce workplace stress.  The Healthy Workplace. . .  Making it Work documents Manitoba case studies in the areas of work-life balance, employee participation & decision making, reward and recognition programs, conflict resolution practices and respectful workplace initiatives.  Download a copy here.

Get Started on Work-Life Balance at Your Workplace

We need to maintain a balance between work and our lives outside of work.
  Lack of work life balance is a major issue causing stress in the workplace. 
Workplace stress is one of the risk factors for mental illness as well as many physical illnesses.

This PowerPoint presentation for Joint Workplace Health and Safety Committees outlines why Work Life Balance is important and how to get things started in your workplace.  Download the PowerPoint presentation and make a case for Work Life Balance in your workplace.

Download the Employee Survey (in Word) recommended in the PowerPoint presentation.  Surveying workers to find out their needs and desires is the first step in getting Work Life Balance initiatives started in your workplace.

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